Friday, June 29, 2007


Two posts in a day? Now that's boredom for me. I'm really sick right now. My cough is dry, but I have a runny nose. Weird. It's really rare for me to be sick for 2 days. Usually, a cough only lasts a day for me. Looks like I've been hit by something else. I don't have the energy to study right now. I'll show you why.

Behold!!! Blindes Dekrepit! Who wouldn't be depressed seeing an artwork gone all wrong? *sigh* This is so sad. My blinds have been deprived of having a proper disposal.

I already tried watching this DVD my classmate lent me. Thankfully, it diverted my attention from the eerie light coming from the broken blinds.

Still, I don't want to stay there for a while. Things'll only get worse. I hope that I'll get well SOON. I don't want to come to school with bits of tissue stuck up my nostrils. It'll be a good comic relief but I'll pass.

are you giving us the "eye"?

I just hate it when he does that. There are times when I just want to throw something at him. He's so damn annoying.

What would you do if somebody in class gives you and your friends a side glance every time he gets a correct answer in a recitation? Would you just ignore him? Probably. But this person is different. He's so loud when it comes to his achievements. He makes sure that EVERYBODY should hear what he has accomplished. Plus, he's a total suck-up with the professors. Luckily, he can't suck-up to our English professor. What a shame. He gets the lowest grade (assuming) in English.

His physical appearance and personality (I hope his spirituality isn't) are totally ugly. I know it's wrong to judge others, but I can't help it. I just can't. If only his personality would change (even the slightest bit) I'm sure nobody will have any problems with him.

Thursday, June 28, 2007


Sideswept bangs, cling wrap-fit tops, skinny jeans and flip-flops... This get-up is EVERYWHERE!!! Geez, i see the same thing wherever i look. Are we in a communist country or what? Girls nowadays look almost the same. It's like they're attending the same school because of their "uniform". I don't have anything against the "IN" stuff, but can't they think of something else to wear or do to make themselves look unique?

I believe that we are beautiful in our own way. That's why we shouldn't limit ourselves to the "IN" stuff. Make a statement and go against the flow. Nothing will happen to you if you just sit around waiting for the next trend.