Wednesday, August 8, 2007

don't break the chain or else...

That is the dumbest, most common threat you could ever come across online or in SMS.

Chain messages come in different forms, however they all have something in common:

"IF you don't pass it on, you'll acquire badluck"

*sigh* That's crazy. What kind of fool ever came up with this stupid idea? What do they gain if people who read their chain messages do pass them to others? What's worse, other people use the name of God in their chain messages to make sure their messages would be passed on to others!!!

The bad thing is these messages are commonly found in e-mails, Friendster, SMS and other places where you can post your messages. There is a high probability that you could come across one of these. The painful part is... your own friends forward these messages to YOU.

"pass this on within one minute or else you'll have badluck for (insert number of years)"

"pass this on or else your crush won't notice you"

"pass this on or else you'll break-up with your BF/GF"

"pass this on or else you'll be haunted by the ghost of (insert name)"

"pass this on or else one of your relatives will be taken away from you"

"pass this on or else your parents will die"

"pass this on or you will die"

Those are some of the common threats found at the end of those absurd chain messages. "So what" you ask? Your friends are the one passing them to you that's what! And they claim to be true friends?

"It's nothing serious, come on"

If it's nothing serious, why did they have to pass it on in the first place? Thinking of it makes me sick. How can they stand sending something like "pass this on or your mom will die" to a friend?

If ever I accidentally read one of these, the chain will be broken by me. I've read a lot of these already yet I'm still alive.

Think about it...passing chain messages like these is just as bad as wishing someone ill.

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