Sunday, July 8, 2007

beneath the blue lens lies the truth. part 1

"Rumors are nice, especially if you want to ruin a person's self-image"

I've been wondering, what has he been telling everyone lately? Stupid lies to hide his own dirt and make me the antagonist? That's soo low. He could've just picked a fight with me. It won't make any difference anyway.

He used to visit me at my school here in Alabang. Hmm, once or twice maybe. The first one was to deliver my college application forms. Yeah. I remember now. I almost got late for Accounting class that day. The second visit was just wala lang. He just came by to have a chat and give me some of the cookies he baked. That was also the time when my friends got to see him personally for the very first time. I had fun that day because his visit made me feel special. Who wouldn't feel the same way? I mean, he came from who-knows-where just to drop by for a while.

I may have forgotten the memories from those days, but some are indelibly printed on my mind. Recently, I heard from a friend of mine that 4 eyes has been reminiscing about our past. I won't react to anything like that if it was only about the reminiscing part. BUT NO!!! He glazed his story with a HUGE amount of sugar coating.

LAYER 1: "I travelled for 2 hours and I only got to see her for 15 minutes..."

LAYER REMOVED: He did travel for 2 hours, but the 15 minutes thing is so wrong!!! I was in highschool then you sick bastard! What did you expect me to do? Cut class?! I didn't have lunch because I wanted to spend more time with you.

LAYER 2: "Huh? I didn't SMS her"

LAYER REMOVED: He said this after my friend asked him if he still SMSed me. He did SMS me that day. He asked something regarding the course t-shirt they were selling. Maybe he thought that I was somebody else. Maybe he misread my name in his phonebook or something...but he already has 4 eyes. How can he still misread things?

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