Thursday, June 28, 2007


Sideswept bangs, cling wrap-fit tops, skinny jeans and flip-flops... This get-up is EVERYWHERE!!! Geez, i see the same thing wherever i look. Are we in a communist country or what? Girls nowadays look almost the same. It's like they're attending the same school because of their "uniform". I don't have anything against the "IN" stuff, but can't they think of something else to wear or do to make themselves look unique?

I believe that we are beautiful in our own way. That's why we shouldn't limit ourselves to the "IN" stuff. Make a statement and go against the flow. Nothing will happen to you if you just sit around waiting for the next trend.


math_goddess said...

oh here there's more. for guys, low waist jeans to show off the boxers! hahaha! and oh yeah, sweatpants as well! haha! miss you! =)

krissy said...

sweatpants are okay, but the i'll-show-you-my-spongebob-boxers jeans aren't!!! guys don't have much of a choice with fashion. but girls do. yet most of them opt for the latest "uniform". weird. thank heavens we're not one of them.